A compliance software to monitor EHS legal compliance all around the world

SHEQAPP is an online compliance software that monitors EHS laws and regulations that impact your business. Add EHS legislation from the EU and federal documents for 80+ countries worldwide to complete your EHS legal register - and let us notify you of any changes. Try it out and take the edge off compliance monitoring.


Improve control and facilitate your work with our legal compliance software SHEQAPP

For ISO-certified companies, navigating a maze of new legislation and countless updates is a time-consuming challenge. With an ehs compliance software, you can be confident that you won't miss important updates - making compliance management faster, simpler, and far more convenient.

Stay informed

Establish a legal register with the laws and requirements that affect your company. Our compliance software will send you a notification email, together with a summary of the amendment, each time anything changes.

Stay in control

Your legal register can be adjusted to match company needs, providing a complete overview. Each list in our legal compliance software contains columns for comments and links to routines or control documents. The list can be sorted and divided any way you like.

Stay compliant

With help from our ehs compliance software you can perform compliance checks on your legal registers. Decide whether these should be answered by the administrator or delegated to responsible managers across specific areas or sites.

Get on top of the EHS regulations

  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC Monitor national EHS laws and regulations for 80+ countries
  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC Monitor all European Union regulations and directives.
  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC Get a summary of all EHS documentation plus comments on ongoing changes.
  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC We will send you a notification email, together with a summary of the amendment, when anything changes.
  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC Perform legal compliance checks on any of your registers
  • 908C396D-24CA-493D-9DA1-3F80017421BC Configure legal registers to fit your needs.