SHEQAPP is an online compliance software, monitoring the EU regulations and directives that impact your business. Add national EHS documents for 80+ countries around the world to complete your EHS legal register.

SHEQAPP contains legislative and standard documents regarding EHS (environment, health & safety) for almost 100 jurisdictions worldwide and includes all the EU legislation.

An essential and must-to-do work for a company’s EHS work is to identify significant environmental, health & safety aspects and establish and maintain a procedure to identify relevant legal and other requirements which apply to those aspects and keep them updated. The company shall also regularly evaluate the compliance status.

Establish a legal register with the laws and requirements that affect your company. Your legal register can be adjusted to match company needs, providing a complete overview. Each list contains columns for comments and links to routines or control documents. The list can be sorted and divided any way you like.

With SHEQAPP you can gather all legal monitoring in one place.

In SHEQAPP there is a built-in module so that you can perform your legal compliance checks on any of your legal registers. This is developed based on the requirements of companies that are ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. Decide whether these should be answered by the administrator or delegated to responsible managers across specific areas or sites.

All laws, ordinances, and regulations within the selected jurisdictions come with a short explanation of the law. SHEQAPP also continuously comments on all changes in the legal registers.

SHEQAPP helps the organization to follow the requirements in the legislation and lifts the EHS compliance work to a higher level and is built for collaboration. This comes both when performing compliance checks but also handling the legal register on daily basis. Therefore, three different types of users can be used in the system; read, write, and owner. These user settings can be set general for the account but also on a single document in a legal register.

Every quarter we will send you a notification email, together with a summary of the amendment that makes it easier for you to write your own comments about how a particular change affects your business.