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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to common questions about SHEQAPP. Do you have other questions, drop us an email under the contact page and we will get back to you soon.

Can we add our own documents to the legal registers?

Yes, you can.

To your legal register, you can add both monitored documents from the SHEQAPP database as well as upload your own documents. Common files to add to your register are permissions and routines.

Can we edit our legal registers by ourselves?

Yes, the legal registers are very flexible and you can, among other things,:

  • Add and delete documents
  • Add and delete columns
  • Rename columns and lists
  • Change order of columns by drag and drop
  • Group documents under your own headings
  • Write in your columns
Do we get informed when a document is changed?

Yes, when a document is changed, it is marked in red in the law list and the person who is responsible receives an email with information about the change.

Can more than one person get information about changes?

Yes, it works well if you have a subscription for more than one person. 

How often do you send out emails about changes?

The change email is sent out on an ongoing basis, usually once every quarter

How do you know which laws affect us?

All companies are affected by different laws and requirements and we can not only on the basis of your activities determine which laws affect you.

Many new subscribers already have an existing legal register and then you can continue to use it inside SHEQAPP.

For those who do not have a law list before, we have categorized all EHS documents into different subjects to make it easy to find. Together with our summarizes you can usually determine if the document should be in your register or not. 

If you still need help, we will connect you with one of our consulting partners. 

How do you know what changes are affecting us?

You will be notified when documents in your team list are updated.

For all documents in the areas of environment work environment and safety, we summarize the change which further clarifies what the change means.

Can different people be responsible for different parts of the list?


For customers with multi-user subscription, it is a common solution to divide the responsibility between the users.

How much does it cost?

We have several different subscriptions depending on what your needs are.

Since SHEQAPP is very flexible and can be adapted to both large and the small companies.

Have a look under the price page and feel free to contact us or test the system yourself, of course completely unconditionally!

How many users can we be?

The short answer is unlimited, but its depending on the size of the company. How many will administrate the lists, how many sites do you have and who will answer the compliance checks?

We adapt the subscription to your needs so feel free to sign up for a free trial account.