Legal Registers - SHEQAPP keeps it up to date


With SHEQAPP it’s possible for you to stay on top of the most important legal matters, including labor law and environmental protection regulations. Our software regarding legal registration works as a complete and actual resource for all legal requirement relating to environment, health and safety compliance. 

What is a legal register? 

A legal register sets out relevant legislation that companies must follow and it can contain different types of legislation, both environment, safety management and work environment. It can also contain different countries, even if it’s recommended that it should be kept separate. To achieve more efficient work, companies' compliance duties can be handled in a system like SHEQAPP.

SHEQAPP helps you to improve control and facilitate your work with list of legal instruments. For ISO-certified companies, navigating a maze of new legislation and countless updates is a time-consuming challenge. Thanks to SHEQAPP, you can feel confident that you won’t miss important updates - making compliance management faster, simpler, and far more convenient.   

List of legal instruments in SHEQAPP

In SHEQAPP can your lawlist be completely customized according to your wishes and needs. Our customers often have an existing list of laws in their own systems, e.g. in Word or Excel. If you have such a list in the current situation, we can assist you with getting converted to SHEQAPP. This way we can emulate the structure as you already have today, and the transition will be smooth because of this new time- and cost-effective approach.

SHEQAPP summarizes all national laws and all EU-legislation regarding the environment and health & safety. We comment as well on all the changes taking place in the laws and requirements of the environment and working environment. Our comments will help you to easily and quickly understand whether a change affects your business or not.


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