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What is an ISO Certification?

ISO certification means compliance with a set of rules called a standard in a specific area that has been prepared by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). ISO is an international standardization body that began its operations in 1947 and is today used by companies and organizations in virtually all countries globally.

Being certified within a standard is proof that they comply with the requirements set in a standard. Some requirements permeate all standards, such as the requirement that the work in the business must be systematized through organization and planning of its activities and that evaluations must be made on an ongoing basis on how compliance is going and how their work is improved.

The goal of an ISO certification

The goal is for the company to constantly improve its operations and ensure that they genuinely comply with all the laws and requirements that they must comply with. Companies are also responsible for knowing which laws affect them and keeping up to date when there are changes in the legislation. They must also ensure that they comply with other requirements, e.g., their partners and their governing documents. To keep track of all these different requirements, ISO-certified companies and organizations must draw up a legal list with all the documents that affect them. It is also required that the business performs self-inspections in the form of, e.g., compliance laws to ensure that they comply with applicable laws and requirements. This must be documented, evaluated, and be able to be presented at an audit. The audit ensures that the company or organization meets all the requirements contained in the standard. If a company wants to be ISO certified, it is not enough to hire an external consultant who oversees laws and requirements for the business. Still, it is obligatory to involve the employees in the company to understand and know its legal compliance.