QHSE system - Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental solutions


QHSE is a management system which is targeted at quality, health & safety and the environment. It’s a tool for management to direct, manage, develop and find solutions for the organisation. When working with this system you are always up to date for possible changes in legislation and regulations. 

A quality management system is a tool for companies and organizations to ensure that their products and services live up to the quality requirements placed on them. With the help of documenting the work processes and various goals, companies and organizations can map the shortcomings that exist in the business and thereby improve these areas. Deficiencies can be, for example, complicated structures, work processes that directly contradict the company's vision and overall goals or duplication of work. Such shortcomings can be directly detrimental to the quality stamp of the business with their customers and in the collaboration with stakeholders.

Quality can be different depending on whether it is customers or stakeholders who define it. At the same time, various laws and other internal strategies, such as environmental goals, regulate how quality can be defined and realized. A quality management system must also take into account the resources available, as it is basically a matter of such a system striving to secure the opportunity for both growth and increased profit. A more cost-effective business is more interesting for stakeholders who are willing to invest in the company. It is important to understand that quality is an important factor for the profitability of the business. Poor quality will ultimately yield negative results. A quality management system also makes the company or organization less dependent on specific people in the business as the work processes become more transparent and it becomes easier to move tasks from one department to another. It will also be much easier to train new employees.

Certification in quality can be a requirement from both customers and stakeholders. It is seen as their receipt that the business is doing well and if it is a good investment to collaborate with the company or organization. An example of a quality management system is ISO 9000. It often requires an audit to be certified for a particular quality management system.

Goal of using QHSE systems

The goal of the QHSE Management System is to ensure that the organisation complies with the relevant legislation and regulations in the field of occupational health and safety and the environment.  


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Software for all business

Our QHSE software can easily be integrated into processes you already have in your organization. The software has great solutions for both small and big companies, whether with few or many employees. It will provide individual access with responsibilities and needs. Whether it’s an overview for the management or specific access to an individual department.